Xmessage.txt 的作用是帮Xrumer 判断当前的状态,指定Xr该干什么,包含各种标签。如 FORUM,表示这页面存在form或者找到form的连接,出现no post sending form found,记得检查这个。

Debug中,Xr会把找到的符合xmessage.txt的情况保存于 Associations.txt 中。


xmessages.txtfile contains “FLAGS” that help Xrumer to define current state for each thread. For example: mandatory registration, successful post, invalid response, banned and etc.






marker– any string value in page html code.


FORUM – website is suitable for posting (forum/guestbook/blog/directory). Xrumer will try to find form/link.
SUCCESS – after submit website returned successful posting message.
REGANYWAY – registration required. Xrumer check this when entering website.
MUSTREGISTERANYWAY – mandatory registration. Xrumer check this flag when entering website section and trying to create post (ex. forum section).
MUSTREGISTER – obsolete.
INVALID – error occurred.
NOT FOUND – error 404 Not Found.
PRESSAGREE – require submit «I Agree» form.
ALLOW – posting allowed.
ANONYM – anonymous posting allowed, fields login and password not required.
NOPASS – registration is not required.
LOGGEDIN – successful login.
BANNED – IP is banned, need to use/change proxy.
WRONGPLACE – posting in section is not allowed (ex. posting allowed for admins and moderators only).
WRONGACCOUNT – wrong login / password.
ACTIVATION – activation by E-mail required.
CHECK – indicates multistep forms (ex. “Press next to submit message”).
BBCODE – website use BB-code syntax.
PICTOTRY – wrong captcha answer.
PREMODERATION – moderation, admin approval required.
TOOLARGE – message is too big. Xrumer will shrink messageautomatically.
BADEMAIL – email is banned or not allowed (ex. TLDs .ru, .cn , .ro is no allowed)
TAKEN – username already exist.


#>You have been logged;&action=logout;?action=logout


#only <b>moderators</b> can post topics;only moderators can post topics;